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SimfinityJS is a Node.js framework that allows bringing all the power and flexibility of MongoDB query language to GrapQL interfaces.

In pure GraphQL, you have to define every query and mutation. With SimfinityJS you define the object model, and the framework itself interprets all queries and mutations. SimfinityJS acts as a glue. It translates GraphQL to MongoDB and viceversa.

As a result, developers can focus on model structure and object relationships.


Powerful semantic API

Basically, any query that can be executed in Mongo CLI, can be executed in GraphQL thanks to SimfinityJS.

Zero ramp up time for newies

Define single model by declarative clauses and get fully functional, production ready and powerful apis.

Exponential productivity

No need to learn a new framework! Simfinity understand standard GraphQL definition and is compatible with any GQL runtime such as Apollo.

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Out of the box complex object model support

Queries and Mutations support working with infinite deep object models with complex queries and multi-collections transactions as no other library


Model coherence business rules can be declared in a simple way avoiding "if/else" contamination in business logic.

Fully ACID transaction enabled Mutations

Automatically manages ACID transactions provided by Mongo, so developers don't need to care about corrupancy of data or loss of coherence.

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It's free and open source.



Simfinity was originally created by SimTLiX in 2016 by a group of professionals working among prestigious multinational companies and dedicated researchers. The main goal of Simfinity is quite simple: help developers around the world with a powerful framework that accelerates the creation of microservices.

Today, Simfinity is supported by contributions from individuals and companies around the world.

We're open source and would love to hear from you!